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Selected list of Publications

  1. Haddad.N.J., Esser J. , Neumann P. 2008.  Association of Cryptophagus hexagonalis (Coleoptera: Cryptophagidae) with honey bee colonies (Apis mellifera). Journal of Apicultural Research and Bee World. 47(3):190-191.

  2. Haddad.N.J., De Meranda J, Bataeneh A., 2008. The discovery of Apis Florea in Jordan, .Journal of Apicultural Research and Bee World. 47(2):172-173.

  3. Haddad.N.J. Brake M., Megdade, H., De Meranda J., 2008. The First Detection of Honeybee Viral Diseases in Jordan using the PCR. Jordan Journal of Agricultural Sciences. 4(30) 57-61.(PDF)   

  4. Haddad.N.J, Meixner M, Fuchs S, Migdadi H, Sheppard W. 2009. Mitochondrial DNA variation in honeybees from Jordan, the Journal of Apicultural Research and Bee World, accepted.  

  5. Haddad.N.J, Dvorak.L. Adwan.O. Mdanat.H. Bataynah. 2007 A.: New data on Vespid wasp fauna of Jordan (H.Vespidae) Linzer Biol. Beitr. 39/1, 137-142p.(PDF)

  6. Haddad.N.J, Evans, J., Pettis, J., and Migdali, H. 2007. Genetic structure of varroa mite  populations in A. mellifera syriaca. Advances in Environmental Biology, 1(1): 1-3, (PDF)

  7. Haddad N. J., Fuchs, S., Haddaden, J., Kopelke, J.P. 2005. Recording of Sphecophaga vesparum Curtis, a natural enemy of the Vespa orientalis in the northern part of Jordan. Middle East Journal of Zoology. Vol.35.9.(PDF)

  8.  Haddad, N. and Fuchs, S. 2004. Honeybee agrobiodiversity: A project in conservation of Apis mellifera syriaca in Jordan. Uludag Bee J. 2:166-120.

  9. addad N.J., Tawaha R.M., Migdadi O.S. 2004.The importance of bee-pollination in four genotypes of faba bean (Vicia faba L.). International Journal of Agriculture and Biology. Vol.6,No.1

  10. Haddad N.J; Chernyavskih V.I 1998 “Influence of soil cultivation and fertilizers on the nectariferous bee attendance of a red clover seeded land” // Regional problems of applied Ecology: Materials of the 5-th International Public Inter-college Scientific-Practical Conference (Sep,22-25,1998) Belgorod, pp. 79.














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